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We’re here as your fearless leaders – Steven Jack Butala and Jill DeWit. Since 1999, we have completed the acquisition and sale of more than 16,000 properties without incurring leverage or debt and continue to purchase property daily for immediate resale.

In 2015, we began sharing our experience and access to professional level resources with the real property investment community.

By creating investor specific tools, we have improved the speed and quality of our acquisition process, resulting in more profitable transactions.

We are the only licensed provider of all three major real estate data companies, Corelogic (RealQuest Pro), Black Knight (Title Pro 24/7) and First American Title (DataTree), and we are adding resources regularly.


The LandAcademy Show

Daily podcast for real estate pros.


You are not alone in your real estate ambition.


Learn How to Buy SFRs at 70% of Their Value.


Send Offers2Owners to Buy Undervalued Property


Get the Parcel Facts


Complete Your Own Deed in Minutes


Free Online Investor Community


Rock Bottom Priced Land for Resellers


No Good Acquisition Should Go to Waste


Get Your Wholesale House Deal Funded


County Based, Decision Making Data for Real Estate Wholesalers


Take the Mystery Out of Land Use Potential

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